Joulez is reimagining STEM for every girl by designing experiences that inspire them. 

Girls aged 8-12 are just developing their identities. Their options for play have been shown to significantly influence their future academic and career choices. So why are there so few engaging STEM experiences designed to pique girls' interests? 


Joulez was founded to build fun, fashionable gadgets that encourage girls to explore engineering and programming and build their confidence to compete for tomorrow’s tech jobs. We are developing and testing the ideal fusion of fashion, crafts and electronic kits to expand STEM products beyond their traditional paradigm of robots, helicopters and rockets. 

Together, we can encourage a generation of confident young women to join the STEM revolution.


Meet Stephanie Rowe, Founder & CEO, Joulez

Stephanie has been living the ‘lack of women in STEM issue’ her entire life.  She started as a programmer, coding business operations software, and grew her career from there. After earning a senior-level position at Accenture, she took on the technical challenge of building the Transportation Security Administration’s identity management systems.

Given her own experiences, Stephanie has decided to pursue her passion to build the next generation of women leaders in STEM -- both to increase opportunities for individual women and to strengthen global innovation.  She believes that by designing experiences for non-technical girls at ages when they are discovering their identities, she can equip them with skills, vocabulary, and community to build their courage to pursue STEM further.

Stephanie earned her MBA from the MIT Sloan Fellows Program and holds a BS in Management Information Systems from Bowling Green State University.

“I stumbled into computer science and I am forever thankful.

Growing up in Ohio, my toys and experiences were girly – doll houses and Barbies. I entered college as a Fashion Merchandising major. Then, by chance, I met Professor Stan Aungst. He introduced me to computer science and changed my world. He changed the possibilities I saw for myself and for my future.

That experience fuels my passion. We can’t leave girls’ futures to chance. We must provide them opportunities to discover STEM.”